Buy Dubia Roaches supplies your animal feeding needs with healthy, high-quality dubia roaches,
low prices and great customer service. The best place to buy dubia roaches is here at  

We started raising dubia roaches in 2006 to feed to our bearded dragons.  The health of our adult bearded dragons,
and growth rate of babies increased dramatically since we started feeding dubia roaches.  Our roaches are fed
a high quality organic diet, including greens, fruit and vegetables, and whole grains to ensure that they are as
healthy and nutritious as possible for your animals.

Dubia roaches are one of the best feeder insects out there.  Their meat to shell ratio is much higher than crickets.  
They also are heavier-bodied than crickets; it would take approximately 4 - 6 crickets to equal one dubia nymph
of equivalent length. Dubias don't jump, have very little smell, and are slow moving and easy to handle.  
Additionally, they do not climb glass or smooth plastic.  Only the adult males have wings and while the males
can fly short distances, they rarely do.  We are located in Tucson, AZ..
To all of our customers:  We’ve changed our pricing structure, and no longer  include shipping
in the price.  You’ll have the option at checkout to choose USPS 2-3 day Priority delivery,
or USPS 1-2 day Express delivery. The shipping charge is actual USPS cost, as it was when we included
shipping in our prices. The total cost for each individual item is the same or lower. We separated the roach price
from  the shipping cost, and in some instances lowered the roach price.  Because you’re now paying shipping
on your total order, rather than on each item, you’ll see a significant total price decrease when you order
multiple items.  If you’re ordering just a single item, you’re total price should be the same or less than
it was previously.

As always, we truly appreciate your continued patronage.  We wouldn’t be in business without our
great customers.

Thank you!
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