Updated 2/19/20
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Important: Please Read

We had a fire at our house a few days after Christmas.  The dubias
are all OK and our business will continue.  However, we have
a lot that we have to do right now to get our home repaired and
don’t have much time for the business.  We’ll continue
to accept orders and send out shipments, but there’s a good chance
that we won’t be able to ship more than one or two days a week.
We also have limited access to our computers.  It might take a bit
longer for us to respond to orders and emails.  Please bear with
us as we handle the repairs to our home from the fire.  As always,
thank you very much for your business!

Pam and Jace
Will will be shipping Monday until we are about to get back home
Update FEB 19 2020